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Friday, May 30, 2008

Girl with Braid (wood nymph) sold

Expressionistic Extreme

"Seated figure-holding hair" Soapstone, -$3000.00

"Seated figure robust" Soapstone, -$3000.00

"Grizzly mother and cub" Soapstone, sold

"Up white water" Soapstone, -$1200.00

In the Hunt $2000.-

"Playful cougar" Soapstone, -$2000.00

"Catching a scent, Timber wolf" NFS

"Eagle head" Carved clay, sold

Group, clockwise from top, "Owl" Clay, sold "Reclining Figure" Clay, -Sold, "Natures gift" Clay, -$700.00, "Mother and child" Clay, -$600.00, "Female torso" Clay, -Sold

Group, Clockwise from top, "Seated Figure" Black carved clay, -Sold, "Seated female in though" -$1000.00, "Male figure" Clay, -$1200.00, "Reaching up" clay, -Sold, "Posed Reclining Figure" clay, -$300.00

Group, Clockwise from top, "Family " Bronze, -$5000.00, "Dancing" Clay, -$600.00, "Abstract Force" Clay, -$500.00, "Seated Female on Knees" Clay, -$400.00

"Reaching up" Bronze, -Sold

"Family" Bronze, -$5000.00

"Standing Female" Mixed media, -Sold

"Mother and Child" Bronze, - $2500.00